What is PHP RT?

PHP RT is an enterprise level action item tracking system.

PHP RT enables your team members to intelligently and efficiently manage their tasks.

No matter what your process is, PHP RT can be changed to match your process.

Custimization is the key.

No matter what data you want to track, PHP RT can be agumented easily to faciliate data capture.

PHP RT simplifies the tracking of all action items and issues. Users, Program and Project Managers and Technical Leads all keep organized. This tool helps everyone to stay focused on their action items. It also uses automated email delivery to notify those that are interested on changes.

Templates are one of the ways that Project adminstrators can fine tune PHP RT to be exactly what you need it to be.

PHP RT is written in PHP. PHP RT is portable to any web server that runs PHP with MySQL access.

PHP RT is secure. Your data is blocked by the latest technology. Passwords are protected by an MD5 algorithm. Sessions automatically time out to force re-authentication at an interval that can be defined and customized. Data integrity is checked and double checked before any access and modification can be made to your data.