PHP RT – Features

Track Action Items

  • Once data is entered, it never forgets.
  • Assign a due date and a person or group to work on the task.
  • Track DO-178B defects.
  • Track data to get your organization to SEI, CMM, CMMI, ISO, AS level certification

Convenient for Leaders

  • Organize team action items.
  • Assign action items to team members. Status them online, anywhere in the world – Don’t worry its very secure – see below
  • Never forget another small detail.
  • Always have at your fingertips the reasons and history behind why you are were you are at.
  • Track products released, update tickets for products that get upgraded. Always keep information close with PHP RT

Easy for End Users

  • Simply Click and Point.
  • Sort by Users, see your tickets. Click on your ticket, see your ticket. Edit your ticket. Easy web site navigation skills are all that is required to fully use the power of PHP RT.

Highly Customizable

  • PHP RT can match any process your company or project uses. ANY.
  • Templates – Changeable via web by Database and Project Admins
  • Templates include: Project ticket-listing view, Editing a ticket page, email that is sent by the system
  • Users can further augment the ticket-listing view: Filtering, Sorting, Color Coding, Reducing columns
  • There are manditory data fields: Ticket ID, Ticket State, Ticket Creator. Everything else can be added by the project admin. Creation of these data items is easily done via the web in a project admin section of the suite.
  • Ticket State is manditory, but the values and flow a ticket goes through the system are completly up to the project admin. From a two state OPEN->CLOSED to 80 states – it is all up to the Project Admin. An example illistration of states is shown here and can be enlarged by clicking on the image:
    In this example there are two final states where the Admin can reject a ticket at any point except the “HOLD” state. This is just an example as everything is customizable: the number of states, the name of the states, the transactions between the states, and the level of access required to move a ticket through the life cycle.
  • Moving a ticket between the states can be done by a person who has the correct access level [again set by the project admin]. Further restriction can be made to force specific data to be entered, or ever further to be entered as specifically matches a value.
  • Ticket Relations: Parent-Child or Related of interest. A ticket related by PARENT and CHILD forces all CHILD tickets to be closed before the PARENT can be closed.
  • Tickets can be DUPLICATED or SPAWNED [spawned tickets are same as duplicated except that the STATE of the new ticket is the INITIAL state defined by the Project Admin


  • Built in Access Control System. Admins create or remove user accounts
  • Automatic password generation keeps admins out of the loop for users that forget passwords.
  • Entruision detection will disable accounts that are being hacked. Only the user can reactivate it by clicking on a special link provided in an automated email to that user’s email on record.
  • Each Project Administrator has full access control over their project sections.
  • Security levels in each project can be set: NONE, DISPLAY-ONLY, MANIPULATE, LEAD-ROLE, or ADMIN

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Takes about 5 minutes to have installed
  • Configuration via web in minutes more
  • Web Admin to configure user accounts
  • Web Admin to configure Projects, Templates, and Email
  • Web Admin to see access time logs
  • No client software required – Any recent web browser with any email program

Platform Independent

  • Runs on any webserver with PHP
  • Stores Data on MySQL database
  • Uses PHP and Apache Cacheing – Very Fast Response
  • Uses standard mail agent on webserver as integrated by the PHP installation