If you are a project admin, you can edit the templates. There are 4 templates:

  1. Create – The ticket create page.
  2. View – The page that shows a ticket with history.
  3. Listing – The listing of all the tickets.
  4. Mail – Used to send emails

When you select your project, and your template of choice to edit, you will be on the template edit page. On this page you can enter HTML with TAGS to indicate how you want the page or email to look.

CREATE Example
<font color=red>Note:  This project is used to track 
defects or enhancement requests to the PHP-RT Tool itself.
This project is not for testing.  Please do not create test
tickets in this project.</font>

<table align=center class=wrap2 width=600>
<tr><th colspan=2 align=center>Create a PHP RT Ticket</th></tr>

Here you can see how to put in plain text that will always be the same every time, and also how to organize the form data with use of a form. Note that for the "CREATE" template, you use full HTML.

VIEW Example
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 border=0 align=center class=wrap2 width=600>
<tr><th colspan=2 align=center>Edit Ticket PHP:TicketNum:PHP</th></tr>

Note here that you could have put any text you wanted, just the same as the "CREATE" template did. Note also the ITEM: preceeds the variable name, and the inverse text :METI follows it. This format is used so the PHP code knows how to parse your template.

MAIL Example
body {background-color: #ADF;}
TH { background-color: #AAA; color: #024; font-weight: bold;}
 background-color: #FFF;
 color: #A62;
 font-weight: bold;
 border: 2px ridge #620;
<table class=wrap cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1 align=center><tr><th colspan=2 align=center>Mail for PHP RT</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=2>You are on an automatic notification for this project</td></tr>


Note in the "MAIL" template that this is a FULL HTML page. (HEAD/STYLE/BODY/etc). Again notice the ITEM: and :METI parse labels that surround the PHP variables.


Note that this is not full HTML table. This is only specifing the ROWS that exist in this project.