Reporting Defects

If you believe you have found a feature which needs to be corrected or enhanced, please use your username/password to log into the Online Live PHP RT and create a trouble ticket [action item].

Note in the release 3.3.2, this data needs to be inserted into the DB as it was removed by mistake from the mysql.schema file:

(Thanks to Franck Horlaville for pointing this out)

INSERT INTO `PHP_RT_item_type` (`type_id`, `type`) VALUES 
(1, 'Text'),
(2, 'Integer'),
(3, 'Float'),
(4, 'Date'),
(5, 'Link'),
(6, 'Choice'),
(7, 'Person'),
(8, 'Summing'),
(9, 'Enum'),
(10, 'BigText');

Note: The GUEST account does not have permission to create tickets in this project.